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Working with Financial Education Services gives you the opportunity to develop the lifestyle you choose. It's living life on your terms. We want to help you have whatever lifestyle you desire. 

To get to that point there's one thing you must keep in mind. You must immerse yourself in the training and learn this business at a very high level. Become a true professional.

This website is a place where all the key elements to your training can be found. It's all here. Calling upon our experience in building a successful FES business in San Diego and now here in Clearwater, FL, we have recorded some videos that we're sure you'll find very helpful.

We want to welcome you to the team and assist you in living life on your terms. 
- Dale & Shirley Guiducci
Our Story - In 2010, after being both laid off from our corporate jobs within the span of about a year, Shirley started an accounting business called ERA Accounting Services in San Diego. Through her expertise in finance and networking in the local business community she built that business in a relatively short period of time to over 50 clients. Dale joined ERA Accounting Services in late 2011.

We both soon realized however, that there were limitations to how large we could grow that business without a large capital investment for office space, employees, and systems. But without that expansion our income was capped. There were only so many hours in a day and we were already working sometimes 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We were living the life of many who are self-employed. They're called "soloprenuers". We were working for ourselves but also by ourselves. We had to build everything for our business. If we didn't do it, it didn't get done.  There was no training available to us. We had to figure it all out on our own.

Ironically, in January of 2012 we set out to find a credit restoration company to refer to some of our accounting clients. Just like millions of Americans, they had struggled through the downturn in the economy and had damaged their credit trying to keep their business alive. It was very important to us that a referral partner provide exemplary service and results because we were taking the chance of losing a client if they did not. After talking to several companies we hadn't found one that we were comfortable with.

Then in mid 2012 we saw a post on Facebook about credit restoration by an old friend, Joe Locke. We called Joe and he introduced us to Financial Education Services. Initially, this was simply going to be an added service to offer to our accounting clients.

Then we discovered the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur. We saw the infrastructure and services offered by FES. We also saw the ability to develop a distribution network of Agents around the country. We no longer needed to just rely on our efforts to develop income.

Dale took on the new opportunity with FES on a full time basis . Over the following 2 years Shirley slowly reduced the number of accounting clients and in December of 2014 went full time working right alongside Dale. As well that month, we moved cross country to Largo, Florida just south of Clearwater. Despite that big move our business grew by nearly 20% in 2015. 
We are now Vice Presidents generating team revenues exceeding $100,000 monthly. 

The opportunity with Financial Education Services is without question the best business decision we've ever made. And, it can be for you too. It requires focus, determination, hard work and training. If you are not satisfied with your current lifestyle and future, commit to the training program. Watch videos daily and register for a Secrets of Success immediately.

We wish you the best and will be here to help you all along the way.


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