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Make your list. 
EXPOSE using the right mindset of just EXPOSING. EXPOSE using the Personal Contact Script keeping in mind that you don't need to be an expert because you can introduce your Prospect to your Expert​.

AND, Stay Plugged In by attending the conference calls listed below.


 Conference Call Schedule


 New Agent Training Call  (8pm Eastern)
 218-632-0383 pin 1111# 


 Business Office Training (3pm Eastern)

 218-632-0383 pin 1111#

 Tenacity Tuesday with Dale & Shirley (8pm Eastern)
 218-936-0901 pin 461615# 


 Product Training Call (9pm Eastern)
 218-632-0383 pin 1111#​​

Attend each of the calls below.  
Tenacity Tuesday is a call that you'll want to attend weekly. It provides training info, guests & much more. It's a way to "Stay Plugged In".

Getting Started

Entrepreneur Skill

An Opening Message from Dale & Shirley Guiducci 

* The Personal Contact Script is located on the Resources Tab

Setting Up Credit Restoration & Your Other  Protection Plan Services


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    These videos were placed in order on this page with a specific purpose.
​We want you to have the very best opportunity for success. The training & education builds upon itself.
The right foundation of knowledge builds toward the advanced information.

How Do You Expose FES? By using videos.

​Let the Videos Do the Explaining for You. Videos cover 100% of the correct information 100% of the time.

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​Watch these videos so you know what you're sending