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To properly utilize the Financial Fitness Script you also need the Financial Fitness Assessment (see to the right). As you learn the script you'll see that you take the prospect through this assessment of their overall financial situation and then highlight the services within the FES Protection Plan that are pertinent to their situation. You can right click on this image and "save image as" to your computer for reference. However, the very best thing to do is visit, go to the Online Store, and purchase a packet of 50 Financial Fitness Assessments for $10.00. These are great to give to a prospect to fill out themselves, handout at events, presentations, etc.

If you speak to someone that expresses that they are already looking for a credit repair business opportunity, you can by pass the first 2 videos at and send them this video.

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Dale & Shirley Guiducci

Dale- (619) 252-9670

Shirley- (858) 682-5925


​This video explains to someone in a credit related industry how we can help them close more business.

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